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Educational facilities can range from a single building to a large, multi-building campus.  The Dormady Consulting Group, Inc. has the expertise to assist the Facility Manager with developing comprehensive information on their facility and the prioritization and development of project budgets.  Capital Planning shouldn’t stop at Facility Condition Assessments and Energy Studies.  Starting with these reports, an integrated approach is needed to ensure future capital projects are effectively prioritized to maximize the benefits to the facility.  Dormady Consulting Group, Inc. can also provide a variety of assessment services to its educational clients based on its extensive experience in property evaluations and due diligence.    Property Condition Assessments and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments as well as focused scope assessments and evaluations of roofing, facades, foundations, structures, drainage, pavement, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire protection and accessibility can be performed for a single property or across a portfolio of properties.
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